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Third-party software

HySpex is integrated with and HySpex data can directly read by a variety of third-party software. Some of these softwares are described here.

For more information about HySpex data structure and compatibility with a specific software not listed here, please contact us.


Prediktera provides state of the art software for hyperspectral image analysis, modelling and real-time applications.


Evince is the ultimate software for analysing and exploring hyperspectral images. This powerful software toolbox enables you to classify and quantify images and samples, using multivariate techniques. Its flexible graphical user interface provides a wide range of visualisations and a clear interaction between data and graphics makes the exploration fast and effective.


Simply scan the surface of your object and within a few seconds our software will provide you with both spatial and chemical information. Breeze makes it easy to collect and analyse hyperspectral images and to develop and run your preferred routine applications in realtime. Complex problems can now be solved and understood — and you don’t have to be an expert!


PARGE, by ReSe Applications Schläpfer, is used for georeferencing and mosaicing of data. PARGE is used as a post processing software to obtain the best possible accuracy for georeferencing.


ATCOR 4, by ReSe Applications Schläpfer, is used for atmospheric and topographic correction for wide FOV airborne optical scanner data.