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HySpex Real-Time Software

HySpex Real-Time software is designed for users who need immediate analytic results from the data acquired. The Cuda based framework is available for both onboard processign of UAV/airborne data, and as a software that can be used to analyze data acquired from any acquistion platform.


RT-GEO is a real time processing software. Originally developed for HySpex ODIN in the SYSIPHE project, RT-GEO will be available for all HySpex models and has been adapted for the HySpex Mjolnir cameras to allow real time visualization of results for the drone operators.

RT-GEO allows real-time georeferencing, NDVI, CRX Anomaly Detection and spectral angle mappers, all computed real time, allowing the user to switch between views/detection results. More algorithms will be added in the future, and the framework will be configured to allow user input algorithms.

Unrectified Image Unrectified Flight Line
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RT-PROC porvides the same software infrastructure as used in RT-GEO for implementation of real-time processing workflows for any application.