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HySpex RAD
HySpex REF
HySpex NAV

HySpex Processing Software

Following the acquisition, HySpex Processing software give the users further functionality through software tailored for different uses:

HySpex RAD for radiometric calibration.
HySpex REF for reflectance converison.
HySpex NAV for resampling of INS data.

HySpex RAD

The default data output from the HySpex acquisition software is raw digital numbers. HySpex RAD is used to convert the data from raw DN to at-sensor radiance.

HySpex RAD utilize the camera calibration files to convert the data. The calibrations are PTB/NIST traceable.

The software is available in GUI and console versions.

HySpex REF

HySpex REF is used to estimate reflectance data, when a target with known reflectance is scanned in the same setup.

With a radimetrically calibrated reference file, HySpex REF utilize the data to convert the raw data to reflectance values.

HySpex NAV

HySpex NAV resamples the INS data to the exact mid exposure pulse of every frame in the HySpex flightline.

The output from HySpex NAV is used as a direct input in PARGE for georeferencing and rectifying the data.