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Integrated DAU
Ground Station

Hyperspectral UAV

HySpex Mjolnir is the first hyperspectral imaging system, designed for UAVs that will give true hyperspectral data for all pixels.

The HySpex Mjolnir hyperspectral imaging system for UAVs provides a unique combination of small form factor and low mass, combined with high performance specifi cations and scientific grade data quality.

HySpex Mjolnir V-1240 covers the VNIR spectral range (400 - 1000nm), HySpex Mjolnir S-640 covers the SWIR range (1000-2500nm) and the HySpex Mjolnir VS-620 combines the two previously mentioned cameras in a common housing covering the full range fram 400-2500nm with 620 perfectly coregistered pixels. All Mjolnir systems are built with an optical architecture based on the highend HySpex ODIN system.

The UAV bundle offered by NEO integrates a hyperspectral camera with a PicoITX i7 computer and an Applanix APX-15 UAV navigation system, all fitted into a self-contained module.

HySpex Mjolnir has been integrated with several high-performance unmanned aerial vehicles.

A HySpex Mjolnir, in all its glory.


Compatible UAVs

HySpex Mjolnir is designed as a generic payload, and can be mounted on any UAV capable of lifting the system.

The UAV team at NEO has to date certified the following UAVs for use with HySpex Mjolnir:

BFD systems


Flying Cam' Sarah


Data Acquisition Unit

HySpex Mjolnir is delivered with a high performance data acquisition unit integrated in the Mjolnir bundle chassis.

The DAU allows for several hours of acquisition, and the data can be easily transferred to a processing computer through USB3 after flight. Detection results and classification maps can be streamed to the ground station during flight.



HySpex Mjolnir is designed to accept any IMU/GPS. The recommended option, APX-15 UAV, can be fully integrated into the Mjolnir bundle chassis.

The APX-15 UAV is a GNSS-Inertial OEM solution designed to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of mapping from small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.



When used on a multicopter, it is recommended to use a gimbal to compensate for the pitching of the aircraft.

The advanced 3-axis digital stabilizer, gStabi H16, weighs only 2.2 kg (4.85 lbs). NEO delivers the gStabi H16 with a circular quick release, allowing it to be seamlessly fit on a wide range of multirotors. Capable of handling payloads up to 7 kg (15.43 lbs), the gimbal can support all HySpex Mjolnir models.

The logged flight path for flight at comparable conditions, without sing gimbal (top) and with gimbal (below).


Ground station

For users wanting a rugged control unit for both the UAV and the acquisition software, NEO offers Getac ruggedized computer as an option for the ground station computer.

The ground station SW for both Mjolnir and the UAV can alternatively be installed on a standard laptop or tablet.

Like it rough? No problem. Getac got your back.



RT-GEO is a real time processing software. Originally developed for HySpex ODIN in the SYSIPHE project, RT-GEO will be available for all HySpex models and has been adapted for the HySpex Mjolnir cameras to allow real time visualization of results for the drone operators.

RT-GEO allows real-time georeferencing, NDVI, CRX Anomaly Detection and spectral angle mappers, all computed real time, allowing the user to switch between views/detection results. More algorithms will be added in the future, and the framework will be configured to allow user input algorithms.

Unrectified Image Unrectified Flight Line
Rectified Image Rectified Image

ReSe - Remote Sensing Applications

Due to i.a. accuracy limitations from GPS base stations, the best accuracy of the georeferencing can be obtained >24h after the flight. For customers requiring the best accuracy, NEO recommends the software packages offered by ReSe Applications Schläpher.
PARGE (Parametric Geocoding Software) is a highly flexible parametric orthorectification and geocoding environment for airborne imaging spectrometry and remote sensing scanner data.
ATCOR 4 (Atmospheric Correction Software) is an atmospheric and the only topographic correction packages for wide field-of-view (FOV) airborne multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing scanners and satellites imagery.