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Tripod and Rotation Stage
Acquisition Control Computer

Field Mjolnir

The compact and self-contained design of Mjolnir, makes it an extremely portable system. Just mount it on a tripod with rotation stage and control the camera with the same computer used as a ground station - or any other PC or tablet.

HySpex Mjolnir is extremely portable. It's award winning design also makes a decorative installation wherever it is brought, and will be the natural centerpiece in any room.



NEO supplies tripods, with pan-tilt head, which supports the HySpex camera and rotation stages. The robust tripods allows positioning the cameras in the desired position, and facilitates camera positioning in challenging terrain.


Rotation Stages

To accommodate various usage scenarios, NEO offers a selection of rotation stages. All rotation stages are configured in the HySpex GROUND software, where all camera parameters are set. This ensures that the rotation speed is synchronized with the camera frame rate and field of view.


Standard tripod

The standard tripod is normally coupled with the standard rotation stage, which allows scanning of up to two cameras positioned horizontally.

HySpex tripods
Standard tripod

Standard rotation stage

The rotation stage can accommodate all Mjolnir cameras positioned horizontally.


HySpex rotation stage
Standard rotation stage

Acquisition Control Computer

The ground station for UAV operations can also be used to control the camera during field operations.

For users wanting a rugged control unit for both the UAV and the acquisition software, NEO offers Getac ruggedized computer as an option for the ground station computer.

The ground station SW for both Mjolnir and the UAV can alternatively be installed on a standard laptop or tablet.

Like it rough? No problem. Getac got your back.