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Industrial Applications

HySpex used for hyperspectral scanning of salmon fillets. Photo courtesy of Nofima.

Due to their extremely high acquisition speeds and real-time image correction features, the HySpex cameras are well suited for a wide variety of industrial applications such as material inspection or quality control.

In a typical industrial application, the HySpex camera is mounted statically above a conveyor belt using the belt motion for scanning.

Using the VNIR-1024 and 1 meter working distance as an example; the field of view is ~28 cm and the pixel footprint on the conveyor belt is 0.27 mm x 0.56 mm. With these settings and full spectral range and resolution, the maximum speed of the conveyor belt is 46 cm/s. The belt speed can be drastically increased if rectangular pixels are permissible, or by reducing the spatial/spectral resolution.


For industrial applications, a close-up lens is required.

The lenses are designed to avoid loss of optical performance, and the cameras will be calibrated with the lenses prior to delivery.

HySpex close-up lenses.


Lens Options

Mjolnir VS-620
Mjolnir V-1240
Mjolnir S-620
Odin VS-1024