Microscope lenses

For applications requiring very high spatial resolution, NEO as developed microscope lenses for both the VNIR and SWIR cameras.

VNIR Microscope

With the VNIR Microscope lens denoted the linear field of view is 37.6 mm, corresponding to an on-axis pixel size of 24 µm.

The image below, acquired with the lens, shows sand sprinkled over an even surface. Average grain size is < 0.5 mm, but the reflectance from a single grain is easily identified since it is comprised hundreds of pixels.

HySpex VNIR microscope sample

The picture below shows a VNIR-1600 mounted on a lab rack and equipped with the 24 µm VNIR Microscope. Note the small translation stage, which is used for focusing the camera.

HySpex VNIR microscope setup

SWIR Microscope

Similar to the VNIR microscope, a SWIR camera microscope lens has been developed. The image below shows a rock sample scanned with HySpex SWIR-384 using the microscope lens.

HySpex SWIR microscope sample data


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