400 to 1700 nm

For the wavelength range 400 to 1700 nm, covering the VNIR cameras and the SWIR-320i, a 150 W illumination system can be delivered. This source features a DC regulation scheme providing stable light output intensity, eliminating output fluctuations caused by alternating current or changes in line voltage.

Further light source characteristics:

  • Input voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Current consumption at 220/240 V: 1 A
  • Output stability: 0.1 % regulation, 0.1 % noise

400 - 2500 nm

A customized DC linear light source has been designed to meet the requirements for “flicker-free” broadband illumination all the way up to 2500 nm.

The light source consists of:

  • 12V DC power supply
  • Custom made lamp which focuses the illumination to a line overlapping with the camera FOV.


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