Field Computer

A customized DAU is normally supplied to ensure the fastest possible data rates, and easy operation from the day of installment.

The data acquisition unit will be completely assembled and all necessary software and drivers (for e.g. camera, scanning stage) as well as hardware (e.g. frame grabber) will be installed and correctly configured on the computer. The computer will be equipped with the customized HySpex cable interface. As the camera is powered directly from the data acquisition unit, no external camera power supply is needed. The DAU is delivered with a transreflective, daylight readable display.

HySpex Field Computer

The DAU can be delivered with 4 battery packs allowing operation up to 8 hours in the field without being connected to a generator or other power sources. Regular rotation stages can be powered directly from the DAU.

For increased operational flexibility, the DAU is equipped with a wireless LAN card which can be used to connect e.g. a tablet and control the HySpex GROUND software remotely.

In case of special customer requirements (e.g. very large storage capacity or need for data acquisition from several cameras at a time) customized solutions can be supplied.

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