Airborne Data Acquisition Unit

Compact DAU

A customized high performance DAU is supplied to ensure the fastest possible data rates, and easy operation from the day of installment. NEO DAUs use SSD disks to ensure stable and reliable acquisition of the data, regardless of operating conditions.

The DAUs will be completely assembled and all necessary software and drivers (for e.g. camera, scanning stage) as well as hardware (e.g. frame grabber) will be installed and correctly configured on the computer. The computer will be equipped with the customized HySpex interface, set-up to accommodate up to two HySpex cameras. As the camera is powered directly from the data acquisition unit, no external camera power supply is needed.

To accommodate any aircraft platform preferred by the end-user, NEO offers a selection of DAUs ranging from ultra-compact, low power DAUs to 19” rack solutions.

All HySpex Airborne DAUs are equipped with frequency dividers to correctly register INS/GPS data to the acquired HySpex flight lines.

HySpex Ultra compact DAU
HySpex 19" rack


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