Mounting plates

To mount the cameras for airborne applications, NEO has designed a variety of mounting plates to fit the available space and/or existing equipment in the customer's aircraft.


Mounting plate for stabilized platform

Mounting plate designed for SOMAG GSM3000, fitting two HySpex cameras and the IMU/GPS unit.

For customers using gyro-stabilized platforms custom made mounting plates have been developed for all leading models. Contact us for custom design requirements.


Vibration damped platform

NEO has developed a vibration damped mount, with the capacity of accommodating two HySpex cameras and an IMU/GPS unit.

Vibration Damped Mount for Airborne HySpex systems.

The individual positions of the dampers are designed to obtain the optimum load distribution.

The bottom plate of the vibration damped mount can be customized for specific interface requirements.


Base Plate

Mounting plates are available for applications not requiring vibration damping. These plates are custom made in order to match the specific airplane mechanical interface.


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