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Lab Rack
Transmission Tables

Laboratory Systems

All HySpex cameras can be supplied with a rotation or translation stage, making them ideal for acquisition of hyperspectral images of static scenes, either in the field, in a laboratory or a clinical environment. The scanning is fully integrated in the camera control software.


Laboratory Computer

HySpex laboratory computer

The data acquisition unit will be completely assembled and all necessary software and drivers (for e.g. camera, scanning stage) as well as hardware (e.g. frame grabber) will be installed and correctly configured on the computer. The computer will be equipped with the customized HySpex cable interface. As the camera is powered directly from the data acquisition unit, no external camera power supply is needed.


Laboratory Rack

A dedicated rack for the HySpex camera yields a convenient set-up for analyzing samples in the lab.

The large rack (1080 mm (wide) x 470 mm (depth) x 1350 mm) supports up to three cameras, at maximum 1 meter working distance, and two lamps for sample illumination.

HySpex laboratory rack

Custom lab racks can be supplied based on customer requirements.


For close range measurements (<50m for Classical HySpex and <20m for Mjolnir cameras), a close-up lens is required.

The lenses are designed to avoid loss of optical performance, and the cameras will be calibrated with the lenses prior to delivery.

HySpex close-up lenses.


Lens Options

Mjolnir VS-620
Mjolnir V-1240
Mjolnir S-620
Odin VS-1024


HySpex Polarizers

Linear polarizers can be provided for both the camera aperture and the lightsource. The polarizers allow cross- and co-polarized measurements.



400 to 1700 nm

For the wavelength range 400 to 1700 nm, covering the VNIR cameras, a 150 W illumination system can be delivered. This source features a DC regulation scheme providing stable light output intensity, eliminating output fluctuations caused by alternating current or changes in line voltage.

Further light source characteristics:

  • Input voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Current consumption at 220/240 V: 1 A
  • Output stability: 0.1 % regulation, 0.1 % noise

400 - 2500 nm

A customized DC linear light source has been designed to meet the requirements for “flicker-free” broadband illumination all the way up to 2500 nm.

The light source consists of:

  • 12V DC power supply
  • Custom made lamp which focuses the illumination to a line overlapping with the camera FOV.


Transmission Table

The HySpex Rack can be provided with a transmission table, to allow transmission measurements in the lab.

HySpex laboratory rack

Custom lab racks can be supplied on customer requirements.