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Airborne Dau
Touch Screen
Mounting Options
Post-processing SW
FOV Expanders

Airborne Systems

High resolution and high speed, combined with low weight and power consumption, make NEO’s HySpex cameras very well suited for airborne data acquisition.

Position- and attitude logging systems (IMU/GPS) from leading manufacturers can be integrated and supplied with the cameras. Alternatively, the HySpex systems can be interfaced with the customer’s existing navigational hardware.

For airborne systems, NEO supplies dedicated software and a touch screen for ease of operation. A high performance rack computer is standard, but customized light-weight computers are available for smaller aircrafts, UAV's etc.

An airborne HySpex installation.


Airborne Data Acquisition Unit

Compact DAU

A customized high performance DAU is supplied to ensure the fastest possible data rates, and easy operation from the day of installment.

The DAUs will be completely assembled and all necessary software and drivers (for e.g. camera, scanning stage) as well as hardware (e.g. frame grabber) will be installed and correctly configured on the computer. The computer will be equipped with the customized HySpex interface, set-up to accommodate up to two HySpex cameras. As the camera is powered directly from the data acquisition unit, no external camera power supply is needed.

To accommodate any aircraft platform preferred by the end-user, NEO offers a selection of DAUs ranging from ultra-compact, low power DAUs to 19” rack solutions.

All HySpex Airborne DAUs are equipped with frequency dividers to correctly register INS/GPS data to the acquired HySpex flight lines.

Touch Screen

HySpex touch screen and compact accessories.

A daylight readable, high performance touch screen is recommended for airborne operations. The airborne data acquisition software is designed for a touch interface.

Screenshot from HySpex AIR user interface.


Mounting plates

To mount the cameras for airborne applications, NEO has designed a variety of mounting plates to fit the available space and/or existing equipment in the customer's aircraft.


Mounting plate for stabilized platform

Mounting plate designed for SOMAG GSM3000, fitting two HySpex cameras and the IMU/GPS unit.

For customers using gyro-stabilized platforms custom made mounting plates have been developed for all leading models. Contact us for custom design requirements.


Vibration damped platform

NEO has developed a vibration damped mount, with the capacity of accommodating two HySpex cameras and an IMU/GPS unit.

Vibration Damped Mount for Airborne HySpex systems.

The individual positions of the dampers are designed to obtain the optimum load distribution.

The bottom plate of the vibration damped mount can be customized for specific interface requirements.


Base Plate

Mounting plates are available for applications not requiring vibration damping. These plates are custom made in order to match the specific airplane mechanical interface.



RT-GEO is a real time processing software. Originally developed for HySpex ODIN in the SYSIPHE project, RT-GEO will be available for all HySpex models and has been adapted for the HySpex Mjolnir cameras to allow real time visualization of results for the drone operators.

RT-GEO allows real-time georeferencing, NDVI, CRX Anomaly Detection and spectral angle mappers, all computed real time, allowing the user to switch between views/detection results. More algorithms will be added in the future, and the framework will be configured to allow user input algorithms.

Unrectified Image Unrectified Flight Line
Rectified Image Rectified Image

ReSe - Remote Sensing Applications

Due to i.a. accuracy limitations from GPS base stations, the best accuracy of the georeferencing can be obtained >24h after the flight. For customers requiring the best accuracy, NEO recommends the software packages offered by ReSe Applications Schläpher.
PARGE (Parametric Geocoding Software) is a highly flexible parametric orthorectification and geocoding environment for airborne imaging spectrometry and remote sensing scanner data.
ATCOR 4 (Atmospheric Correction Software) is an atmospheric and the only topographic correction packages for wide field-of-view (FOV) airborne multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing scanners and satellites imagery.

The field expander doubles the pixel FOV (along and across track) as well as the total FOV of the camera. The field expander is easily mounted onto the camera by the user, and is available for all classic HySpex models.

Prior to delivery, the camera will be calibrated with the field expander.

HySpex field of view expander

Why Field Expander?

The benefits of the field expander are mainly related to cost of the airborne campaign:

  • Increasing the field of view increases the ground area covered for a given flight time.
  • Air speed can be increased for the same flying altitude.


Lens Options

Mjolnir VS-620
Mjolnir V-1240
Mjolnir S-620
Odin VS-1024