HySpex Cameras

HySpex VNIR-1800

HySpex VNIR-1800 hyperspectral camera from NEO, is developed for field, laboratory, airborne and industrial applications.

HySpex VNIR-1800 utilize a cutting edge actively cooled and stabilized scientific CMOS detector. This makes VNIR-1800 the ideal camera for high-end data acquisitions where high radiometric accuracy is required.

HySpex VNIR camera.

The dynamic range of 20 000 ensures outstanding SNR levels even in darker areas of an image of highly dynamic scenes. With a max frame rate of 260 fps, combined with aberration corrected optics and high optical throughput (f/2.5), HySpex VNIR-1800 offers a unique combination of data quality, high speed and sensitivity.

A wide range of close-up lenses allows the use of the camera at working distances ranging from a few cm with a spatial resolution of 24 µm, to infinity for e.g. airborne remote sensing.


HySpex Main Specifications

The below specifications are subject to change, due to on-going development.

Spectral Range0.4–1.0 µm
Spatial Pixels1800
FOV across track*17°
Pixel FOV across/-
along track*
0.16 mrad/
0.32 mrad
Spectral sampl.3.26 nm
# of bands182
Binning modes-
Noise floor2.4e
Peak SNR> 255
Dynamic range20 000
Digitization16 bit
Max frame rate**260 fps
Sensor head wgt.5.0 kg
Sensor head dim.
(lwh in cm)
Sensor head pwr.
~30 W
FPA cooling T-

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