HySpex Cameras


Snippet of Odin flight line.

HySpex ODIN-1024 is a next generation airborne hyperspectral imager, covering the spectral range from 400 to 2500 nm.

Where conventional hyperspectral imagers require two separate sensors to cover the full spectral range from 400 to 2500 nm, HySpex Odin assures perfect co-registration between 1024 spatial pixels for VNIR and SWIR by employing a novel common fore-optics design with a single aperture. In the SWIR range, the data is resolved with 1024 spatial pixels, whereas the VNIR data is available to the user with a resolution of 2048 or 1024 spatial pixels.

In addition to the extreme resolution, the unique design provides high sensitivity and low noise, as well as low spatial and spectral misregistration (smile and keystone).

HySpex ODIN-1024 includes real-time data processing functionalities such as real-time georeferencing and anomaly detection in the acquired hyperspectral data. It also features a built-in on-board calibration system to monitor the stability of the instrument.

The majority of current high-end pushbroom hyperspectral cameras are designed and manufactured with a focus on minimizing misregistration errors in hardware. As an alternative means to minimize misregistration, HySpex ODIN resamples the hyperspectral VNIR data in a postprocessing step and allows the optics to be optimized for resolution and light gathering capability. The resulting output data is superior in terms of resolution, misregistration, and light gathering capability.

Read more about the resampling technique in an article on the subject, written by the R&D team at NEO, here.

Odin installed in aircraft.

HySpex Main Specifications

The below specifications are subject to change, due to on-going development.

Spectral Range0.4–2.5 µm
Spatial Pixels1024
F-numberF1.64 | F2.0
FOV across track15°
Pixel FOV across/-
along track
0.25 mrad/
0.25 mrad
Spectral sampl.3.0 nm | 6.1 nm
# of bands427
Binning modes-
Noise floor2.4e | 150e
Peak SNR> 500 | > 1 300
Dynamic range37 000 | 7 500
Digitization16 bit
Max frame rate180 fps| 450 fps
Sensor head wgt.90 kg
Sensor head dim.
(lwh in cm)
Sensor head pwr.
~60 W
FPA cooling T~150K


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