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HySpex Mjolnir VS-620

Combining HySpex Mjolnir V-1240 and HySpex Mjolnir S-620 into a common housing, HySpex Mjolnir VS-620 provides 620 coregistered pixels in the VNIR and SWIR spectral range, 400 - 2500 nm.

For applications requiring low mass, combined with high performance specifications and scientific grade data quality on the full VNIR-SWIR range, HySpex Mjolnir VS-620 is an ideal solution. Sharing the on-board data acquisition unit and navigation system, HySpex Mjolnir VS-620 is both space efficient and cost effective.

In addition to the high quality hyperspectral data cube, covering the spectral range from 400 - 2500 nm, with 490 bands, double resolution data in the VNIR range is always readily available. With smile and keystone less than 0.1 pixel for each spectral range, the merged Mjolnir VS-620 data product will have coregistration/ keystone better than 0.2 pixel for the full VNIR-SWIR range.

The UAV bundle offered by NEO integrates a hyperspectral camera with a powerful PicoITX i7 computer and an Applanix APX-15 UAV navigation system, all fitted into a self-contained module. All HySpex Mjolnir systems can also be mounted on a tripod and rotation stage for ground use.

HySpex Mjolnir VS-620.

Main Specifications:

HySpex Mjolnir VS-620
Spectral range (nm) 400-2500
Spectral sampl. (nm) 3.0 | 5.1
Spatial pixels 620
Spectral channels 490
Field of view (deg) 20
Pixel FOV (mrad) 0.54/0.54
Bit resolution (raw data) 16
Noise floor (e-) 2.34| 80
Dynamic range 4400 | 10000
Peak SNR <180 | <900
Max speed (fps) 100
Power cons. (W) 50 (with DAU/INS)
Dimensions (cm) 37.4 - 20 - 17.8
Weight (kg) 6.0

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