SWIR-320m is discontinued. Please contact us for any questions regarding this model.

HySpex Cameras

HySpex SWIR-320m

Cooling of the MCT sensor in the SWIR-320m makes possible acquisition of high quality images in the range 1.3 to 2.5 µm.

The good old HySpex SWIR.

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SWIR close-up lenses make it possible to employ the camera in applications involving shorter object distances.


HySpex Main Specifications

The below specifications are subject to change, due to on-going development.

Spectral Range1.3–2.5 µm
Spatial Pixels320
FOV across track*14°
Pixel FOV across/-
along track*
0.75 mrad/
0.75 mrad
Spectral sampl.5 nm
# of bands240
Binning modes-
Noise floor-
Peak SNR-
Dynamic range-
Digitization14 bit
Max frame rate**100 fps
Sensor head wgt.7.0 kg
Sensor head dim.
(lwh in cm)
Sensor head pwr.
~100 W
FPA cooling T~195K

* Can be doubled with field expander.
** At full resolution. Can be increased by binning/subwindowing.

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