HySpex Main Specifications

The below specifications are subject to change, due to on-going development.

VNIR-1024 VNIR-1600 VNIR-1800 SWIR-384  ODIN
Spectral Range0.4–1.0 µm0.4–1.0 µm0.4–1.0 µm1.0–2.5 µm0.4–2.5 µm
Spatial Pixels1024160018003841024
F-numberF2.5F2.5F2.5F2.0F1.64 | F2.0
FOV across track*16°17°17°16°15°
Pixel FOV across/-
along track*
0.28 mrad/
0.56 mrad
0.18 mrad/
0.36 mrad
0.16 mrad/
0.32 mrad
0.73 mrad/
0.73 mrad
0.25 mrad/
0.25 mrad
Spectral sampl.5.4 nm3.7 nm3.26 nm5.45 nm3.0 nm | 6.1 nm
# of bands108160182288427
Binning modes2, 4, 82, 4, 8---
Noise floor11e40e2.4e150e2.4e | 150e
Peak SNR> 330> 200> 255> 1 100> 500 | > 1 300
Dynamic range3 4001 00020 0007 50037 000 | 7 500
Digitization12 bit12 bit16 bit16 bit16 bit
Max frame rate**690 fps135 fps260 fps400 fps180 fps| 450 fps
Sensor head wgt.4.2 kg4.6 kg5.0 kg5.7 kg90 kg
Sensor head dim.
(lwh in cm)
Sensor head pwr.
~6 W~6 W~30 W~30 W~60 W
FPA cooling T---~150K~150K

* Can be doubled with field expander (except ODIN).
** At full resolution. Can be increased by binning/subwindowing.


The HySpex cameras are based on know-how acquired by NEO since 1995 through several R&D projects (initially defence and space applications) in the field of imaging spectrometry. Today, NEO continues research and product development in close collaboration with companies and research institutes utilising the HySpex cameras in a wide range of applications.

HySpex, NEO’s line of hyperspectral cameras, are compact, high performance and versatile instruments for a multitude of applications, ranging from airborne to laboratory and industrial use of imaging spectroscopy.

Some of the main features of the HySpex design are:

  • Minimization and equalization of point spread function across the FOV and throughout the wavelength range.
  • Good matching of point spread function with pixel size.
  • Low stray light level.
  • Low smile effect and spectral keystone effect.
  • Low polarization dependence.
  • 2nd order suppression.
  • High sensitivity and low noise.
  • Automatic shutter
  • High acquisition speed and data rates.
  • Real time correction of responsivity and dark offset.
  • Close-up lenses for operation at short object distances are available.
  • Field expanders for doubling the FOV are available.

All HySpex instruments are delivered with:

  • A dedicated camera control and data acquisition software package.
  • Spectral and radiometric calibration data.
  • A detailed test report.
  • Users manual and necessary accessories such as cables, power supply and frame grabber.
  • Optionally, an API (Application Programming Interface) in Visual C++ can be supplied for application specific software development.
  • Exact synchronization with external events (e.g. navigation systems or illumination) is possible through TTL level trigger signals.

In case the HySpex specifications don’t meet the requirements of your application, please contact us. NEO designs and delivers customized solutions.