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2018-12-11 Visit HySpex at booth 750 at the AGU Fall Meeting.

2018-12-10 Advanced hyperspectral systems exhibited at minimalistic booth at GRSG this year.

2018-10-25HySpex will exhibit at GSA 2018, booth 717

2018-06-27 Precision farming with NIBIO at Kapp.

2018-04-18 Visit HySpex at SPIE DCS 2018. Come by booth 1618 for a hyperspectral chat and Norwegian chocolate. Thanks for a great show so far, and cool shades @spiephotonics

2018-03-22 Flying our @hyspex VNIR-1800 and SWIR-384 together with the POSAV 510 in Parma.

2018-03-09 @bfdsystems drone certified for Norwegian weather. Here with @hyspex Mjolnir V-1240 payload.

2018-03-01 We just completed our biannual distributor seminar. Lots of fruitful discussions and a nice social event.

2018-01-30 HySpex is exhibiting at the Photonics West show in San Francisco. Visit our booth

2017-12-12 Visit the HySpex booth (1209) at the AGU fall meeting 2017, for a live demo of HySpex Mjolnir in field configuration, a chat and some chocolate.

2017-10-11 Photonex hyperspectral meeting in Coventry.

2017-10-11 Pro-Lite booth with HySpex equipment at Photonex in Coventry.

2017-09-27 HySpex at INTERGEO - visit our booth (C4.062) to see our systems and join the live demo of Mjolnir V-1240 Thursday 28.09.2017 @ 15:00.

2017-09-13 HySpex UAV demo in Warsaw

2017-09-13 Ready for a UAV flight and processing session starting at 13:00

2017-09-12 Booth at SPIE conference in Warsaw.

2017-09-02 HySpex does not only make the Toughest cameras, we are also the Toughest on the track

2017-06-21 HySpex at the UAV Expo in Brussels.

2017-06-14 HySpex booth at ICNIRS 2017 in Copenhagen.

2017-04-19 EARSeL SIG in Zürich

2017-01-10Visit us at Photonics West 2017 - Booth 4668

2016-10-21Cooperation with Wonwoo Systems Co.,LTD

2016-04-16HySpex at ANISG 2016 April 20-22

2016-04-16Meet us at SPIE DCS in Baltimore April 19-22

2016-04-15HySpex at EGU 2016 April 17-22

2016-04-04HySpex Mjolnir Demo

2016-04-04HySpex at SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing April 4-7

2016-03-17HySpex welcomes MS Spektral and Optoprim

2015-11-28Meet ut as the Skytech 2016 UAV conference in London on January 27th-28th

2015-11-27NEO and Applanix introduce scientific hyperspectral imaging solution for small UAVs

2015-11-25Meet us at the AGU fall meeting in San Francisco on Dec. 14th-18th

2015-10-10HySpex distributor seminar on Oct. 7th and 8th

2015-09-10Successful flight campaign with HySpex ODIN-1024 in the SYSIPHE project

2015-08-29UAV Product launch at SPIE Remote Sensing/Security+Defense in Toulouse on September 21st-24th

2013-11-19Successful certification and acceptance flights for ODIN-1024

2013-09-24NEO has partnered with Telops and can offer Hyperspectral Solutions for the VNIR-SWIR-MWIR-LWIR spectrum.

2011-07-09Visit us at the 5th WHISPERS

2011-07-08Visit us at SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2013

2011-07-07Visit us at the XVI SBSR

2011-07-06Visit us at Icon PF13

2011-07-05Join us at the 8th EARSeL Imaging Spectrometry Workshop

2011-07-04Join us for new workshop

2011-07-03HySpex hyperspectral scan of “The Scream” (1893).

2011-07-02Visit us at AGU Fall Meeting 2012

2011-07-01Visit us at SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing

2011-06-30Visit us at IGARSS 2012

2011-06-29Visit us at WHISPERS 2012

2011-06-28Visit us at BiOS 2012

2011-06-27HySpex system delivered to DLR

2011-06-26Visit us at AGU Fall Meeting 2011

2011-06-25Visit us at SPIE Remote Sensing 2011

2011-06-24SphereOptics new HySpex representative

2011-06-23Visit us at SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2012

2011-06-22Visit us at NIR 2011

2011-06-21Visit us at EARSeL SIG Imaging Spectroscopy workshop

2011-06-20HySpex at the Louvre

2011-06-19Visit us at SPIE Photonics West 2011

2011-06-18Visit us at GRSG AGM 2010

2011-06-17Visit us at GeoTunis 2010

2011-06-16Join us for new workshop

2011-06-15Visit us at Photonex 2010

2011-06-14KLV Co. Ltd. new HySpex representative

2011-06-13Visit us at the 4th HYPER-I_NET

2011-06-12Visit us at RSPSoc2010

2011-06-09Visit us at the Norwegian Symposium on Chemometrics

2011-06-06Visit ut at WHISPERS