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Successful flight campaign with HySpex ODIN-1024 in the SYSIPHE project

NEO is proud to announce that the ODIN-1024 has been deployed successfully for an extensive military flight campaign in France on Aug 17th to Sept. 4th 2015 under the context of the SYSIPHE project.
SYSIPHE consists of the ODIN-1024 covering the VNIR and SWIR range and the French Sieleters instrument covering the MWIR and LWIR range. The campaign has produced state of the art hyperspecral data across the full spectral range.
The campaign took place from the naval air base Hyères (Var) and the instruments were operated on board the Dornier-228 aircraft of the DLR (German Aerospace Research Centre). The military operational scenarios were deployed on the Canjuers military camp, about a hundred kilometers north.
The ODIN sensor worked perfectly throughout the campaign, which took place in optimal flight and weather conditions.
The campaign, involving more than 50 people, was carried out successfully, and all the aims and objectives were achieved.

Part of the ground crews at Canjuers

Image taken with mid-infrared instrument Sieleters at Canjuers

False color image of the same area taken with the ODIN-1024