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Customized solutions

NEO designs and delivers customized solutions with specifications and performance adapted to specific applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and needs.


If you got a sample for which you are interested in having a hyperspectral data; contact us, and we may help you with acquiring the data either in our lab or even on-site in some cases.

Flight campaigns

We collaborate with several companies in the field of aerial data acquisition and can help with arranging airborne campaigns.

Test data

We have a range of test/demo data from different applications. In case you want to learn more about hyperspectral imaging in general or HySpex data quality in particular, this may be a good starting point. Data can be made available for download.

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NEO's policy

The company policy may be summarized as follows:

Develop, manufacture and market electro optical products based on our own in-house technology.

Develop and manufacture electro optical products for specific customer requirements.

Participate in research oriented projects together with larger companies or research organizations where applications of electro optical methods are essential.

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