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HySpex SWIR-320i

The SWIR-320i covers the wavelength range 0.9 to 1.7 µm with an InGaAs sensor. It is the only HySpex camera that can be supplied with an USB interface.

HySpex SWIR-320i

SWIR close-up lenses make it possible to employ the camera in applications involving shorter object distances. Data for the SWIR close-up lenses may be found on the HySpex SWIR lens specifications page.


HySpex SWIR-320i

Main Specifications

Detector InGaAs
320 x 256
Spectral range 0.9–1.7 µm
Spatial pixels 320
FOV across track 14°
Pixel FOV across/-
along track*
0.75 mrad/
0.75 mrad
Spectral sampl. 5 nm
# of bands 145
Binning modes -
Digitization 12 bit (CL:14)
Max frame rate* 350 fps
Sensor head wgt. 6.8 kg
Sensor head dim.
(lwh in cm)
Sensor head pwr. consumption ~30 W
FPA cooling T ~260K
Camera interface USB 2.0 or
Camera Link


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